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Crafts for Sale

Crafts 2013

Headway Arts & Crafts each week the members at Headway come in to partake in craftwork as part of their therapy. This helps them gain confidence in their ability to create things completely from scratch as well as improve their dexterity, which can be lost after suffering a brain injury.

Our overall aim is to provide both physical and mental therapy to build on and develop the skills of our members, whilst giving them an enjoyable, sociable, activity. We hope to build confidence by setting achievable goals allowing a real sense of satisfaction and achievement when these are met. The brain is still repairing itself up to several years after an injury so by keeping it active with tasks such as craftwork, the more chance it has of compensating it’s damage. With stimulation, practice and novelty to ‘excite’ the brain we aim to encourage the development of new connections in the brain, along with having lots of fun in the process.