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Life can change so suddenly when a person is diagnosed with an acquired brain injury. The injury can range from a seemingly minor brain injury to a life threatening condition with far reaching consequences.

The most critical time to receive treatment is immediately after the brain injury occurs.  This can be the most emotional and anxious time for those close to the brain injured person. Some patients will be unconscious and may require treatment and rehabilitation in the UK following brain injury. This can place a huge strain on family, their time and financial resources.

We know from experience that there is a lack of information and education given to patients and their families following a brain injury.  Headway is able to provide a better understanding of brain injury, its side effects and the effect on the family by providing literature and reassurance at the time of diagnosis. At the moment most referrals we receive are months and sometimes years after the initial brain injury.

Through our work at Headway we have identified how minor issues can quickly escalate into crisis. We know that some of the most common effects of brain injury can include problems with memory, attention and concentration, loss of insight and initiative which has a knock on effect when dealing with day to day life. The support of Headway’s Advocacy Officer at an early stage can limit the stress caused and stop issues escalating to crisis point. A great deal of time is given to help people deal with the applications and queries with Social Security, Housing and Health departments as well as various legal issues.